2019 - 2020 Annual Report

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The Centre works in a progressive and collaborative manner to provide a wide range of supportive and empowering community services. This is achieved through the proactive efforts of a dedicated, client-centered and compassionate team who is committed to promoting a strong, healthy and equitable community.


A leading community partner working today for a healthier tomorrow.

President and Executive Director’s Message

The Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre is part of what many refer to as the social safety net working within the community to address challenges faced by individuals and families. Whether we are dealing with issues of violence, poverty, aging, health, adolescence, food security, housing or any other of today’s challenges, the Centre is committed to be a welcoming place for all.

We are proud of the hard work that our dedicated staff, volunteers and board of directors have accomplished over the past year. We serve a diverse community of urban, suburban and rural neighbourhoods, each with their own strengths, challenges and successes. This work cannot be done without the help of caring local politicians, generous donors, supportive funders, engaged community members and like-minded partners – all of whom have worked together to make our part of the world a better place.

Some of our activities in 2019/2020 include:

In alignment with our strategic plan, we are working to identify the service gaps and address the needs of all residents throughout our catchment area, we participated in centre-wide training for all staff with a particular focus on increasing the knowledge of the Indigenous culture and creating cultural safety for all. We celebrated the ground breaking of the Orleans Health Hub - the future home of our community support programs. We sent positive messages into space; shared by our Children who witness violence participants through our collaboration with Cubes in Space and we expanded our transportation services to respond to the needs of seniors and people with disabilities living in a rural area access essential services.

Finally, as we write these lines, our community – like the entire world – has been struck by an unprecedented health crisis. More than ever we realize the importance of having access to quality health and social services. We also give a standing ovation to all the health care workers who ensure our collective safety. On behalf of the EORC, a sincere thank you.

Barbara Paquette

Board President

Nathalie Lafrenière

Executive Director


Programs Against Abuse

The Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre is committed to providing support to women and children of all cultures, religions ages and sexual orientations who continue to live with or have left an abusive partner, live a life free of abuse. Through our feminist perspective, our counselors ensure that women are informed of their rights and are better equipped to reach their goals, whether it is to safely flee a situation of abuse or wanting to rebuild confidence and self-esteem.

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Child & Youth

Our Child and Youth Department serves youth from ages 6 to 21 years of age residing in Blackburn Hamlet, Beacon Hill, Carlsbad Springs, Gloucester, Gloucester South and Orleans. Do you want help getting information on issues such as self-esteem, managing anger, family conflict or school support? The Child and Youth Department offers counselling support, advocacy, crisis intervention, workshops on issues important to you and your family, and referrals to the many resources in your community.

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Community Support Services

The Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre (EORC) is a non-profit organization offering social and community services to older adults and adults with physical disabilities residing in Ottawa’s east end communities such as Blackburn Hamlet, Beacon Hill, Carlsbad Springs, Gloucester South, Orleans, Cumberland, Navan, Vars, and Sarsfield.

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Resource & Referral

The Resource and Referral team is here to help you find the best services to meet your needs. Serving individuals and families residing in Blackburn Hamlet, Beacon Hill, Carlsbad Springs, Gloucester and Gloucester South. Whether it be helping you find immediate assistance, planning for an upcoming change, or assistance with basic needs, our team is there to support you through your time of need. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between sources of support.

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Community Development

The goal of community development is to improve quality of life and create mutual benefit and shared responsibility among community members. Community Development aims to strengthen communities by working towards social justice, poverty reduction, food access and advocacy.

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The EORC received funding from numerous sources. This funding, along with the generous contributions from individuals, organizations and local businesses allows us to continue the work of serving the community. We recognize your gifts of time, talent and treasure. Thank You.

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